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A site for Manida family members. Those with emails are listed below. Those without can get one by contacting Ivan. Listed by age. NOTE: all mail links are created with javascript, so if you have it disabled, you will have to guess real email addresses. Just write real name as listed here and add '@manida.com' - it's easy for humans, somewhat harder for spammer harvesters.

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Oleg Manida, 2014

Oleg Manida

Born just recently, in 2014. Discovers the world around him at an alarming pace. Next favourite things after Mom: eat some leaves and look at cats.

Contact Oleg Manida (don't expect a response just yet)

Katya Manida, 2005

Katya Manida

Born at the beginning of the new millennium, in 2000. Is a starting artist, and lives in New Zealand.

Contact Katya Manida Photos: leFoto, 2007

Ilya S. Manida, 2003

Ilya Manida

Biologist, poet & writer. The youngest known and definitely thinnest of all male Manidas. Born in 1976. Loves animals, insects, and even microbs.

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Ivan S. Manida, 2005

Ivan Manida

Former physics & CS student, currently computer enthusiast. Born in 1974, still alive and well. Has two kids (Katya & Oleg). Enjoys music, hiking, billiards and all kinds of tech.

Contact Ivan S. Manida

Sergey N. Manida, 2001

Sergey Manida

Former dean of the physics faculty of Saint-Petersburg State University, physicist and teacher. Born in 1946, has a family and is the father of the above two humans. Enjoys reading and gardening.

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Nina N. Manida, 2005

Nina Manida (Ivanova)

Former dental doctor with over 50 years of practice, currently retired. Born in 1930, mother of Sergey Manida.

Does not have an email.

Santa Manida


...There are many more Manida family members and their relatives. Full genealogy is expected someday. If you are one of Manida family scattered around the world, contact us and let us know more about yourself, and we will add to you to the list.

The family name most probably is of greek origin, reduced from the name Manidaki which could be traced back to Odessa around the October revolution (source needed), originally Manidakis family from Crete, Greece (source needed). After the revolution, in 1920, Ilya Mikhailovich Manida served as a model for Prometeus sculpture in Dneprodzerzhinsk.

The word Manida itself seems to originate from Thailand, where it means "mystery" and is a first name of a women (or a travel agency). In 1995 and before that an Internet search for Manida returned almost no results; that made us think the word is home-made. However, today Internet has grown, and one can find much more info: Thai model fan club, many other Thai Manida names, mentions of the first five indians captured by English explorers (one of them was Manida), etc.

In Spanish, Manida is also a word, with uncertain meaning (some dictionaries say: manido, -a [adj.] concealed [adj.], gamy [adj.], hidden [adj.], high [adj.], stale [adj.], others insist that manida: hackneyed, overfamiliar through overuse; trite). The Spanish roots are also seen in a NY, Bronx street Manida, seemingly a bad neighbourhood in Latino part of the city.

Netherlands - Dutch - has some very rare use of the word, too. Manida: Colloquial term for milk sugar used as adulterant, as taken directly from ENCYCLOPAEDIA ON SUBSTANCE ABUSE.

In India, one of the many languages spoken there called 'sindhu bhairavi', also has the word manida (found in some songs like 'Manida manida' from Shahjahan and others). I still have no idea what it's meaning or written form are.

Recently, german bar/cafe named MaNiDa, from Weinheim, got their website on Internet, at Manida.de - but that's rather a coincidence, as it is named by the first letters of three owner's names.

There also is a DJ from Poland, Damian Kowerski, mixing some techno music, who chose the handle Manida.

Drop me a line if you find more links worth of mentioning or if something on this page disturbs you.


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